''Dental Clinic 32'' has been providing quality dental services in Taganrog city for more than 14 years. ''Dental Clinic 32'' - is a team of highly qualified professionals with lots of years of experience and a proven track record of providing all types of dental services.  

Our doctors are very sensitive to their patient's problems, thats 's why we have an individual approach to each client.


The benefits of choosing Dental Clinic 32:

  • High-quality provision of dental services

  • The use of materials and tools which have licenses and certificates

  • Strict adherence to methods and technologies, as well as sterile instruments

  • Experts give a guarantee for all installed seals have

  • According to the patient's request, we draw up a financial plan of treatment in advance

  • Flexible mode of operation, in case of necessity of emergency help we are ready to care about our patients on weekends and public holidays

  • The convenient location of the branches of our clinics

  • Reasonable prices for the services of the best dentists

We can offer high quality treatment in the following areas:


Restoration of functional and masticatory function of teeth, as well as reconstruction of the partially or completely lost teeth. As a result, you get a perfect and natural smile.

Aesthetic restoration of dentition

Through the use of advanced systems and dental equipment, Dental Clinic 32 performed aesthetic restoration of teeth. The main advantage of such a reconstruction is a natural high strength and restored teeth, as well as their durability.


Professional cleaning of the oral cavity

It is particularly important to monitor the condition of the teeth and gums, it' s important to make periodic visits to the dentist for the purpose of cleaning the oral cavity from plaque and teeth to get rid of tartar. This procedure

will keep your teeth and gums healthy for a long time.

Remember! Caring for your teeth is really necessary! Please do not forget to visit your dentist at

least once per every six months.


Slesarenko Olga

Dentist of the highest category

Work experience: over 26 years

Usevych Tatiana Lvovna

Dental doctor of the highest category

Mkrtchyan Arthur Altaevich

Doctor stomatologist-orthopedist of the highest category

Work experience: more than 10 years

Savchenko, Alexander A.

Dentist, implant surgeon

Zhora Natalia Gavriilovna

Doctor of the highest category

Work experience: 18 years

Shestakova Ekaterina

Dentist of the highest category

Work experience: 15 years

Best doctors in Taganrog are waiting for you!

Chernousova Anna Nikolaevna


Work experience: more than 5 years


Makarova Svetlana V.


Work experience: more than 5 years




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