"Youth and beauty are in the details! Woman's success-confidence,

she's irresistible.»

Alekseeva Galina Nikolaevna,

Director of the network clinic "Dental Clinic 32".


Galina Alekseeva, General Director of a thriving network of clinics "Dental Clinic 32", is a perfect example of a strong, successful and irresistible woman.

Numerous patients, colleagues and friends do not get tired of wondering how Galina manages to be an experienced doctor, a talented business lady and a beautiful, well-groomed woman.

In response to numerous questions and requests to tell how to prolong youth and look perfect, I decided to launch a unique project, which has no analogues in Russia.


The goal of the project is ambitious and noble - to help successful women of Taganrog to preserve and maintain their beauty and femininity. In her clinics "Dental Clinic 32 "Galina Nikolaevna will hold personal consultations on the issue of modern effective technologies of unique "rejuvenation of smile", will tell how to cheat time and in" 40 + " not to give out defects of a smile the age.

Each patient can sign up for a personal meeting with Galina Nikolaevna, where after a heart-to-heart communication and professional examination the patient will be picked up by an individual program of correction of age-related changes in the smile zone. Undergo treatment and eliminate aesthetic defects can also be in the walls of "Dental Clinic 32", where you will work better than Dr. Taganrog under the personal supervision of Galina Nikolaevna.


You can sign up for a personal consultation on the rejuvenation of a smile to Galina Alekseeva in any convenient way:


phone number: +7 928 191-9804 


send request:

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