At the Dental Clinic 32  we use materials both imported and domestic manufacturers that have proven themselves over the years of our work due to the high quality. 


Professional hygiene of oral cavity 

Absolutely safe, painless procedure performed with a special ultrasound equipment, professional gel (Scaling, a manufacturer of omega-dent) and paste (Polish, manufacturer Kerr, Switzerland), followed by coating of the teeth is already cleaned with a special solution (Gluftored), reducing the time sensitivity and further strengthening tooth enamel.



A very important component of almost all dental work is anesthesia. No local anesthesia (infiltration - local injection into the area of the tooth, and the manipulation of the upper jaw and frontal portion of the lower jaw), conductive (more extensive impacts, in the anatomical opening of the lower jaw), and application (surface, e.g., a special gel with a pleasant fruity taste and smell). 

 In our clinic, anesthesia is carried out using the drug Articaine production of Spain. We use Articaine with adrenaline (prolonged exposure) and without epinephrine (for patients of the elderly, childhood, or with problems of the cardiovascular system). When injected in the anterior region of the oral cavity, characterized by high sensitivity, can be made applicative anesthesia.



Treatment of caries

The preparation (cleansing of the affected cavity with boron) 

Disinfection of the cavity (alcohol 75°, chlorhexidine 0,05%) 

Sealing involves treatment of the enamel gel (Traveks gel, Bond 3M) and setting the seal (Te - econom, Gradia Direct). 



With deep caries is lining ( Vitrebond ), releasing calcium ions. If necessary, or the destruction of the greater part of the tooth is secured with titanium or fiberglass pin. 

Treatment of pulpitis (inflammation of tooth nerve)

Is carried out in two stages. 

1st stage: 



Removal of the nerve, treatment of tooth canals with the help of special tools (H-Files K-Files) and gel (RC - Prep) 

Disinfection (Belodez 3%, chlorhexidine 0.05%)is

Filling of root canals, and dental gutta-percha and pastes-sileri (Also + ZnO, Resident) 

Setting temporary seals (samootverzhennoy Dentin-paste, light-curing Flex Flow). 


2nd stage: 


The removal of temporary fillings 

Production of insulating gaskets (Adhesor) 

Restoration by filling, grinding and polishing of the restoration with diamond burs and polishing discs. 


Treatment of periodontitis (inflammation of oculocardiac the tooth) 

Treatment similar to the treatment of pulpitis (in the channels are set Polosatik, Metronidazole) and depends on the severity of the inflammation. 


Aesthetic tooth restoration (Art restoration) 

Treatment of a tooth with boron (giving the optimal shape, the elimination of carious defects)

Modeling of a tooth crown with a broad range of light restorative materials Gradia and matrices

Grinding, polishing and giving a natural healthy glow. 



Fixed prosthetics

Brazed metal design, solid metal construction and crown: steel with zirconium-coated ("pezzolato") 

Metal (Premium grade, Germany) 

Ceramics, Lumineers 

The removal of the diagnostic cast (according to indications) 

Treatment of tooth for the selected design. If deep processing, for example,ceramics, is anesthesia

Impression special impression masses (Speedex Switzerland, Ypeen). 


Stages of prosthetics: 


All the alginate is harmless,neutral in taste or have a pleasant mint flavor, hardens fairly quickly and does not require a long wait. 

First fitting, the removal of additional casts if necessary. 

The second fitting, finish correction work. 

The delivery of the finished work. 

The whole process of prosthetics takes one to two weeks. 


The finished design is fixed to the high quality cement (Fuji I, Japan) that provides a long and comfortable use of the prosthesis. 

All of the above steps, materials and work included in the service "Prosthetics turnkey". 

The advantage of this service is that the final price you will report to the clinic Dentistry 32 the first call about the prosthetics. 


Removable prosthetics 

Acrylic dentures, full and partial 

Soft nylon dentures 

Clasp dentures with clasps and with precision fastenings

We produce dentures from imported materials, which will provide you with the fastest possible adaptation to the prosthesis and its convenient use.

We produce dentures from imported materials, which will provide you with the fastest possible adaptation to the prosthesis and its convenient use.

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