Dentistry is a branch of medicine that never

it does not stand still and develops very dynamically.

Once upon a time, a tooth lost with age or,

for example, as a result of an accident, left

in a person's mouth a gap until the end of life, dumb UCO-

rum that reminds me of loss.


Today, the restoration of flawless radiant

smiles – a question of time and skill stomata-orthopedic


It is orthopedic dentistry has opened patients in modern

hospitals the following services: prosthetics and

restoration of teeth.

Which of these services to resort to recovery tooth,

decides only a qualified specialist.

Tooth restoration is possible if the root of the tooth is not

damaged, otherwise, come to the aid of prosthetics, also known as implantation, which will allow the place of the lost tooth to the smallest anatomical features to recreate a completely new, "comfortable" tooth, in fact, indistinguishable from the native. That is why the services of orthopedic dentists, the best of which in the city of Taganrog take their patients to the clinic "Dental Clinic 32", are in increasing demand.


Dental prosthetics is a highly individual process, almost jewelry, so when choosing a prosthesis, doctors take into account all the features of the dentition and anatomical features of each patient, based on the results of a complete examination of the oral cavity and x-rays. Only after such a thorough preparation dentists-orthopedists clinic "Dental Clinic 32" will create a unique non-removable, conditionally removable or removable prosthesis to your smile again became the most harmonious. Modern dentures used in our clinic are characterized by reliability, functionality, long service life, the most natural appearance and great durability. Being confident in their capabilities and technologies, the specialists of the clinic "Dental Clinic 32" give a guarantee for all orthopedic services.


Dentist-orthopedist will help you choose the type of prosthesis that will be most suitable for you and match Your ideas about the price/quality. If necessary, the orthopedic surgeon can also offer to improve the appearance of the patient's teeth as a whole, including changing the shape, position and size of each of the "problem" teeth, thereby changing the smile beyond recognition and turning it into a matter of pride.

In addition to prosthetics in Taganrog, our dentist-orthopedist can also offer such a service as improving the aesthetic appearance of the patient's teeth. Orthopedic doctors can change the shape, position and size of each of the teeth.


Experienced dentists-orthopedists clinic " Dental Clinic 32»

in Taganrog, using the most modern techniques

prosthetics and restoration of the dentition for 12 years

brilliant work once again returned to the thousands of patients happy-

your smiles.

Consultation of a dentist in Taganrog will help to determine,

what kind of prosthesis and the whole variety of existing

systems will suit the patient in each case.

Dentures can be fully removable, partially

removable or non-removable. Most often, when almost half-

Noah or significant loss of teeth is the only way out

for the patient will be a removable dental unit


Of course, among the fully removable dentures the most

convenient is a nylon soft prosthesis in "Dental Clinic 32",

soft denture successfully replaces obsolete hard dentures.

Nylon is a fairly new material that is successfully used in

orthopedics. This removable prosthesis, the price Taganrog which

is slightly higher than the outdated design, quite flexible and

flexible, thereby anatomically convenient for the patient.

Dignity of nylon soft denture in  "Dental Clinic 32" in Taganrog are following: 


- grinding of abutment teeth is not required

- the clasps fixing the prosthesis are located near the gum, thus they are not noticeable

- nylon is hypoallergenic, does not cause allergies and negative reactions

- removable nylon denture retains its shape, properties and color for a long time

- removable prosthesis does not cause the development of adverse flora, contributing to the inflammatory process

- the design is quite light and strong, thus the duration of operation of such a prosthesis increases.


Along with nylon prostheses, it is necessary to allocate a clasp prosthesis. It differs in that it has a metal frame. This design can significantly reduce the volume and thickness of the frame, rather than than plastic prosthesis. Complex clasp prosthesis, the price Taganrog, which can vary depending on the complexity of the case, easy to wear and almost invisible. A conventional clasp prosthesis allows you to evenly distribute the load on all teeth and gums when chewing. Also, the clasp prosthesis has a number of other advantages:


- getting used to such a prosthesis does not take much time

- the usual clasp prosthesis does not RUB the gum and does not cause discomfort or pain

- clasp prosthesis does not affect diction

- bugel has absolutely no effect on diction and does not cause discomfort when communicating with people

- clasp dentures are fixed in the oral cavity securely, thereby eliminating the possibility of its loss.


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