Beautiful smile changes the image of a person beyond recognition.

This is not only a sign of good nature of its owner, but also

an integral part of the image of the modern successful man.

Achievements of modern dentistry allow as soon as possible give

your smile the Shine, gloss and healthy look. Aesthetic services

will help you to solve any problem.

Aesthetic dentistry is probably the most pleasant field of dentistry

aimed at improving the external look of teeth. Feature of this

direction of dental  branch-  is a complete lack of pain and

excellent aesthetic effect, visible immediately after

carrying out procedures.

Aesthetic dentistry can be practiced by dentists-

therapists, surgeons, orthopedists, orthodontists and hygienists.

In any of these specialties there are methods of aesthetic dentistry,

which includes a fairly wide range of services: teeth whitening

using the most modern and safe for teeth techniques and drugs, bite correction, microprosthetics with lumines and veneers, restoration of the natural color of enamel.

Basic and very popular services in the field of aesthetic dentistry in the clinic "Dental Clinic 32" in Taganrog is a professional cleaning of teeth. These services are provided by an experienced dentist-hygienist, who can sign up for the following services:


- prevention of oral diseases

- fluorination

- ultrasonic cleaning

- removal of Tartar

- removal of plaque


However, it is important to remember that it makes sense to pay attention to beauty only if the teeth are healthy or already treated, otherwise, the result will be short-lived, and from the pain of carious teeth aesthetic dentistry will not save.

Therefore, the specialists of the clinic "Dental Clinic 32" remind you that you need to take care not only about the aesthetic component of your smile, but also about the health of your teeth.

Come to visit us! We know how to create a beautiful smile!

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