Dentist-therapist is perhaps the most popular doctor among all

dental specializations. It is to the therapist for an appointment

we address first of all for planned inspection of teeth health, and, of course,

even when the problem with the teeth persistently makes itself felt acute pain

or aching throbbing gums and increased sensitivity of the enamel.

Toothache in a matter of seconds can mercilessly deprive us of all the joys of life.

Favorite food, evening in a cheerful company, business meeting-all in one

second goes by the wayside if the neglect of planned visits to dentist-therapist

for examination led to the fact that the affected disease teeth make themselves

felt persistent pain.

If you are not sure about the health of your teeth or just once again  you want

to make sure about perfect health of your smile, which is extremely

rarely in modern conditions of life, with its poor diet and chemical compositions

of even the most seemingly harmless products, it's time to book a scheduled

inspection to an experienced dentist-therapist in the clinic "Dental Clinic 32" in

Taganrog. Our doctor will meet you with a warm smile, hold a primary

reception, will diagnose and, in case of detection of problems with teeth,

will carry out treatment of the diseases which are within its competence, or, to

for example, it will prepare the oral cavity for prosthetics and other larger-

scale manipulations.

The doctor-therapist of dental clinic "Dental Clinic 32" quickly, without pain and with the highest quality will carry out treatment of all the problems that darken the health of your smile:

- caries

- pulpitis

- periodontitis

- flux

- inflammation of a nerve

- gingivitis

- tartar

It is very important to understand that the longer you delay the visit to the therapist, the longer the treatment will be. Inflammation of the soft tissues of the tooth will grow first into caries, then into pulpitis, and then you can wait for the loss of the tooth!

Of course, at any stage of dental disease specialists of our clinic as professionally, efficiently and without pain will do their job. But it is much more pleasant to keep your teeth as long as possible and, without neglecting the rules of elementary oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist-therapist in the clinic "Dental Clinic 32", to meet every new day with a happy and healthy smile.

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